Broken Until Him [On Hold]

Broken Until Him [On Hold]

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Mailee Horthen By jxstmysxlf Updated Sep 03

Seventeen year-old Jade Levinson lives in her own shattered and lonely world where she tends to forget herself. She, above all the people, knows what sadness is because of the wrench inside of her tearing her apart every single second. 

Since that day which smashed the hope of having a happy life, she refuses to become attached to somebody. But she discovers that she's not the only one who has a heart made of broken pieces.

When a mysterious and determined boy who somewhat manages to read her like an open book crosses her path, she can only be honest with him and begins to reveal pieces of an indelible past she would have rather forgot about.

Between lies and dark secrets, she is only sure about one thing : nobody has ever cared for her that way, until him.

You are totally right. Don't let this people take you down!! All of your readers (us) will support you no matter what. If I see there's another story that look like yours, I'll tell you and even warn the author of that story. Keep writing, your story is amazing ❤
It's a short first chapter so there isn't much I can say about it but it's a great start and I love how genuine it sounds. I can honestly relate to a lot of this but not sure if that's good haha 😂 Just wanted to tell you I'm french too (half)! So that makes two of us 😊
Hello, I am from the Unicorn Awards and I was just reading your summary and thought that it would be an interesting book to enter into our contest. Your thoughts? Have a nice day or night!😘
EmoPersons EmoPersons Jun 30
I love your book do what Selena Gomez sats " kill em' with kindness "
Mistakes? I see none. Great job girl! There's not very much I can correct when all I can see is perfection. This is a beautiful start, I love it. It builds so many emotions, outstanding job! Love it keep it up :D
elfnura elfnura Aug 14
Well, it is easy to understand . I try to improve my english with read wattpad story . Thank you bcs your story attracts me to read more .