Rock Steady

Rock Steady

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Candice Hall By CandiceHall5 Updated Feb 28

Thank you to @IAmCandiBaby for this idea.

Its hard being an army brat. Your dad's always being transferred here and there, and sometimes he's off to a different country and you and your mom just have to deal. 

But you do, because you understand how much he loves his job. 

But what happens when your mom doesn't? What happens when, while your dad's away, your mom packs both of you up and moves you to a town called Charleston, SC? What happens when your mom meets a guy everyone calls Uncle, and they hit it off? And you even hit it off with his nephews and their friends. 

What if your dad comes back and want's you with him. He'll even retire from the Army to have you with him. 

It's hard being an army brat, but even harder when you finally find a steady home and then it begins to wobble and tumble.

This is a story of Sang and the boys. Will they be Rock Steady for Sang? Or will she blow away with the wind?

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Academygirl568 Academygirl568 Mar 27, 2017
Oh no if you want to run from military do NOT go to Charleston or anywhere near the coast of sc
kyintex kyintex Apr 02
I feel for all of this family - of course for Sang and her dad, but also her mom!  She did things wrong, but she also thought about moving to South Carolina kind of in sync with Sang's school calendars, and yet to give her the most time with her dad before his next deployment!
feel bad he just left and he already texting you that shows he cares
je11ybean262 je11ybean262 Sep 17, 2016
What?! Seriously? She's sneaking them off like thieves in the night.
dijabee dijabee May 18, 2016
I don't like the way her mom is just up and leaving without telling her husband. She should act like an adult and tell him what's happening. Putting Sang in the middle and making her hide their move is not okay.
je11ybean262 je11ybean262 Sep 17, 2016
I'm really glad she has a good relationship with her parents. It's a great change. 😃 Awesome start!