English? BTS Jungkook x Reader

English? BTS Jungkook x Reader

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BigHit need to stop... But please don't By BTSLovingWriter1 Updated 2 days ago

I couldn't stay angry at them.

I looked up at Jungkook, he looked like he was blushing, maybe he was embarassed at his English. It was quite funny.

I told him," Jungkook, I'll teach you English!" 

Rap Monster translated it for him and Jungkook smiled and nodded," Thankyou!"he said.


When BTS move next door to you find it funny at first, but what happens when you offer to teach Jungkook English?

*Mature because Language *

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do-you-jimin-d do-you-jimin-d May 11, 2017
*looks at the next page* gasp *sees the picture* call 911 or Jacob Talyen he will know what to do
Lord-Bella Lord-Bella Jun 29, 2017
Okay okay Jungkook the  thing you can do to survive now is...
MariaNazos MariaNazos Jun 30, 2017
GOD! I can't even!  Reader is kinda creeping me out 
                              Reader- omg! Sh ut up! It's SO normal to do some research on Facebook  after you met someone and you want to know everything about them!
                              Me- ... Creep... Even Yandere~Chan doesn't creep me out so much ! XD
BTSDerpyDerp_Bangtan BTSDerpyDerp_Bangtan Aug 14, 2017
JungkookSnakeu JungkookSnakeu Nov 15, 2017
No comment To My Name its rlly 'Eww' when you spell it backwards..(≧∇≦)/
JinOnJinAction JinOnJinAction Aug 26, 2017
i was going to question why jamie is a nice name but then i remembered 재미 (jaemi) means chearful and stuff like that so ill let this one slide.