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Cats and Dogs: A Dangerous Attraction (A Kiba Inuzuka Love Story) -Book One.-

Cats and Dogs: A Dangerous Attraction (A Kiba Inuzuka Love Story) -Book One.-

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TheBabyPanda By TheBabyPanda Completed

////COMPLETED//// Miyuu Aneko is a cat demon from the Aneko Clan. She lives with her mother and sister. Miyuu lives next to "dog boy" Kiba Inuzuka, her number one enemy. She cannot stand him, but soon starts to get jealous when a princess from their mission starts to get "buddy buddy" with said mutt. She soons finds out that this whole mission is nothing but a set up to get the 'power' that is inside of her. Book One of Cats and Dogs: A Dangerous Attraction. I do not own Naruto or the characters, but Miyuu, Mrs. Aneko, Botan, Anju, the Princess. The other Naruto characters belong to the amazing artist and author, Masashi Kishimoto.

Odd Aneko neko the name i use then people do this (L/N) (F/N).
Woahanyssa Woahanyssa Jun 08
Kiba is Nice if you know what I mean ;) Like Srsly he gets really friendly in the future
Woahanyssa Woahanyssa Jun 08
Bitch I said in the last chapter this ain't the 'Modern Times'
CieraBrown141 CieraBrown141 Jul 12, 2016
HAHA...HAHAH...That is what you get Kiba...thats what you never keep a girl up from her sleep
JusteCamille JusteCamille Dec 03, 2016
He kept me up all night if you know what I mean... I bought a colouring book, it was pretty intense!
namshiat namshiat Aug 12, 2016
Fine how about "I wanna neuter him then make him suck on his own balls then use them to make hotdogs and feed it to him and his dog-.-" that nice a nough for ya "MOTHER" OH DEAR"