Runaways // Phan AU

Runaways // Phan AU

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🌸 Ellie 🌸 By Pinkpuddles Completed



Both Dan and Phil lead pretty simple lives.
They're in the same classes, in the same year.
They have the same taste in music and a strange obsession with video games.
There's just one thing that separates them.

They're polar opposites, and they despise each other.

Dan's a flower crown obsessed teenage boy and Phil's a heartless rebel with tattoos lining his arms.
But they both understand what the other's going through, and find themselves in a situation neither of them would have ever dreamed of.

(( Cover art by me))

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delightfulconnor delightfulconnor Jun 27, 2017
you hear crybaby and you either think Melanie Martinez or The Neighbourhood lol
Artzzy_XI Artzzy_XI Jul 15, 2017
I looked at the comments hoping someone thought of Josh Ramsay from Marianas Trench since he looks like Phil. Guess i was wrong. Dang it
deeisnotstraight deeisnotstraight Dec 13, 2017
                               I DONT SUPPORT THAT HOE ANYMORE
hobishipda hobishipda Aug 27, 2017
I can hear the Melanie Martinez fans screeching in the distance
-PastelAlex- -PastelAlex- Oct 28, 2017
It's so realistic! How'd you draw a cat as good as that?
                              Ok but it was probably quite good haha.
- - Jan 29, 2017
I am already like wtf that Phil kissed another dude, BUT IF THEYRE TALKING ABOUT JOSH MOTHERFUCKING DUN, IM OUT