Love Isn't What I Expected. (Book 2 - Stg Series)!

Love Isn't What I Expected. (Book 2 - Stg Series)!

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Also, PS the description sucks, but you'll probably find that the story doesn't. So give it a try! :)

'You're working for some other guy? No, I forbid you!' He said, glaring at me. I looked at  his hands which were shaking. A sign, i know now, of anger. 'What is your problem? First of all you won't let me work! If I work for you, you have some problem! If I work for someone else, you have a problem! What should I do?! Sit and make food at home all day?!' I yelled, and I swear I would have loved to strangle him to death right now. 'You are my wife now. I can exercise any control on you! So what if I want you to cook food at home all day? Huh? Fulfil your duties as my wife first and then you can fight for your pathetic rights!'  He said, and he got up and looked away from me. 
'What if I no longer want to be your wife?' I whispered, and within a moment he had me pinned to a wall. 'Dont you dare say that again!' He snarled, and he twisted my wrist. I groaned in pain and looked at him. I am a rebel. I repeated myself again. 
Book 2 of the small town girl series. Nothing else to be said.

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sparkleVS sparkleVS Apr 23, 2016
Hahaha loved the chapter plz update soon can't wait !!! .....
hafsazaidi hafsazaidi Apr 22, 2016
Nice prologue looking forward to this book i hope there is a happy ending in this book
Shraddhagem19 Shraddhagem19 Apr 26, 2016
OMG this is actually HILARIOUS! I can imagine it happen omggg perfect cast then again Vraddha is already perfect so PERFECT STORY. its so funny