{SnK} How (Not) to Piss off Your Corporal.

{SnK} How (Not) to Piss off Your Corporal.

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I FOUND TWELVE BRICKS By Highchou Updated Jul 01

I'm not gonna lie to you. 

It's not easy, being the Corporal's secret keeper.

Let's just say you learn a lot of things about the guy. Like, how his pants are all dyed a slightly different color, all to hide the fact that his underwear was drenched in a really bright shade of seafoam green and...know what? Let's save that for the record, shall we?

But if you want to know the truth, this document is composed of situations you wouldn't believe happened if I told 'em to you aloud. So, for the sake of transparency, I'll uh. Tell ya what this is, exactly. 

It's a record. A documentation of events that Corporal Levi has asked to be kept out of any public file, potential harassment case, Commander Smith's and I quote "finely-manicured piano fingers of mischief" (Don't ask.), etc. For all intents and purposes, I'm to take this thing to my grave. Or better yet, bury it with Corporal Levi if he passes into the earth before me. Which, given our age difference...ya know what. Never mind. 

Oh yeah, he also wanted me to make sure to note that this isn't a checklist. I quote, "You know what that means. You know who you are." 

But uh...I didn't see anything, if you browsed a little, yeah?

*pulls Weasley twins from HP universe* me:want to help we prank this one   guy?
Otaku_Girl-13 Otaku_Girl-13 Apr 23, 2016
Ehh but my patience is too SHORT so EYEBROWS-ed it already 
                              You freaking saw NOTHING *tears the checklist Ii made a while ago in real life*
Chibi_Sniffer Chibi_Sniffer Dec 30, 2016
*hides checklist behind back* what? I don't know what you are taking about. 
                              *whistles innocently*
                              *levi walks by*
                              *checks around corner to ensure that he is gone*
                              *pulls out checklist and laughs evilly*
                              YOU WILL NEVER CATCH MEEEHHHHHH
Chibi_Sniffer Chibi_Sniffer Aug 09, 2016
Am I the only one who finds the line 'punishment by Corporals choosing' dirty?
chocolate-_- chocolate-_- Nov 05, 2016
Yes I am Eren jeager I will kill all titans and piss off Levi at the SAME time *insert evil laugh here*
sorachibbi sorachibbi Dec 22, 2016
To be honest, I thought I'd see one about Erwin at some point XD