The School of Dragon Riders Roleplay

The School of Dragon Riders Roleplay

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Renergade By TheLastRenergade Updated Nov 15

Far, far away on an unknown island in unchartered waters, Elves, Dwarves and Humans live peacefully alongside...

Yep. You guessed it.


Sentinels of liberty, the order of the dragonriders have kept peace in this world, bound by the ancient laws set by the first dragonrider.
Till' now...

It is time for them to hang up their helmets and suit of armour to make way for the new generation of dragonriders. But where will they train these young prodiges?

We have the answer!

So pick up your spellbooks, tighten your armor and for goat's sake will someone PLEASE grab a hold of that baby dragon because class is now in session.

My character doesn't know everything 
                              I'm I don't really know three people I only know one and the sent me here
C3PO_droid C3PO_droid Nov 08
Man! You said the rules perfectly! I definitely agree with them! Maybe not the cuss word one but still, thanks for setting up these rules so neatly!
rule 6 is annoying as f***, as i don't know 3 people who would be interested int this >:(
My character doesn't know everything (( Poor Jenxy... my It is forced to tell lies XD jk ))