41 Ways to Kill Someone With a Banana

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Faithe Ondracek By FaitheFayFaeOndracek Updated 3 years ago
HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED HOW YOU KILL SOMEONE WITH A BANANA? WELL IN THIS STORY BY FAITHEFAYFAEONDRCAEK, YOU CAN LEARN!!!!! With extras including fun facts, this story will make you laugh.  the squeamish probably shouldnt read :)
1:Inject patient Victim with banana Milkshake instead of medicene
                                    2:Tickle Victim to death using banana
                                    3:Bitch slap Victim with banana 1 HIT KO!
                                    That's all the others I can think of, Sorry Man XD
This is how I will take the world mahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>:D
I want to know how to ki!! someone with banana, that I can take a banana to my school and ki!! everybody (expext my friends)
I knew you could do that, i just didn't know how, so yeah, A
Get a bow and use the banana as an arrow. Shoot the banana in their mouth causing them to choke.
                                    You should make more ways to kill people with household stuff. :3