The Mechanic's New Girl

The Mechanic's New Girl

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Laura Jardine By LauraJardine Completed

Sunny Ridge 3. A romantic comedy set in Sunny Ridge, Ontario.

Liza Donaldson, Canadian history professor, is the smart one, but she wishes she were beautiful like her little sister. Deciding she looks better without glasses, she goes to the grocery store without them. Unfortunately, she can't see straight, and she trips and blacks out.

Don't worry, she doesn't get amnesia.

When she regains consciousness, hunky mechanic Dick Studman carries her to his house. Although Dick is known for his dickish behavior, he's a sweetheart in Liza's presence. He feels badly that she tripped over the bags of potato chips he tossed on the floor in a fit of rage, and he can't help looking after her and baking her an unnecessary number of pies. 

But that doesn't mean he's in love with her.  No, certainly not.

Liza, on the other hand, has decided that their encounter, which led to a twisted ankle and a brief lapse in consciousness, was a meet-cute. She believes they belong together, and she's determined to change Dick's mind. And soon she has the support of his meddlesome parents.

Maybe love is in the cards for the third Studman brother after all...