Drops of Poetry

Drops of Poetry

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Enzo ☑️ By lorenzoque13 Updated 17 hours ago

Drops of Poetry
It's raining outside my window
Just like my emotions inside me
The taste of the salty rain and sorrow

Every problem falls on me like rain
I catch it with my hand 
Turning it to rhymes and names
I'm soaking wet from where I stand

I don't care if I'm under a storm 
All I know is those little drops are stories
Every day I learn new things from this horror
But I can turn them into drops of poetries.

This is a compilation of my poems :)

Hello, can I use this poem as an intro to one of the chapter of my story? Don't worry, I will be putting credits 💕 Its really nice.
B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l! 👏 loved it. Every line speaks of torment and pain and each word penned so beautifully that it takes the breath away! Splendid!! 👏
God- so foreign yet to familiar since it has been present in everyones daily life. Beautiful written.
thatbarista thatbarista Jun 04
Awww I really like the ending if this poem! It's really sweet and cute. Every line really flows with the others. Excellent choice of words. Excellent!
paperroads paperroads Oct 24
Just the beginning of the book and I am already blown away. So beautiful !!
bibehss bibehss 6 days ago
the pictures on the media + lovely poems = heaven 😇😍😭