About Him ✿ Kim Taehyung x Reader

About Him ✿ Kim Taehyung x Reader

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👀 By bangtancy Updated May 09

❝what would you do if I told you I'm not really gay, would you date me?❞

A girl once living a normal life but a horrible event has ruined her fate. She grew up with androphobia (fear of men) and whenever boys come near her, she gets extremely nervous and uncomfortable. Her mom did everything to persuade her to undergo therapy, but she was strongly against it. One time, she decided to transfer to a new school and convinced her mom that she could handle her fear, which was doubtful. An expected occasion has happened when she became friends with a guy named Kim Taehyung, but he introduced himself as being gay because he liked her and that was the only way to become closer to her. Until one day, Taehyung decided to tell her everything about him. 

Will she love him back? 
Will she get hurt? 
Will she able to overcome androphobia?

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jugheadherron jugheadherron 6 days ago
Hemmooooo boi wat u doin here? Lol go to bed with calum huehue jkd
4EverARTS 4EverARTS Oct 16
Yep. But like I find a strange attraction to them when i need amusement. Idrfk either
I don't understand myself either but I sort of have androphobia but only for starangers BUT I'm fine with kpop idols because you can see their personality. The whole time I thought I just had trust issues.