I'm All Yours

I'm All Yours

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What would you do, if one night you let a giant dog into your house, and the next morning there's a half naked man in your bed? 

Meet Andy Holmes. An average 19 year old girl, with an average job, and an average life. Until one night everything she thought she ever knew, changes.

Aiden Black. Alpha of the West Moon pack. Moody, cocky, possesive, and mate to Andy.
"My eyes are up here, love" A deep, velvety voice escaped his lips making all sorts of tingles erupt throughout my body.

My eyes go back to his once more, seeming to be glowing even brighter than before.
"Wh- who are you?" I squeaked, mentally face palming myself for the stuttering. 

His smirk widened, as if he knew exactly the effect he had on me.
"I'm all yours." He mumbled, his eyes darkening as he lowered his head to my neck

DarkCrystal616 DarkCrystal616 Jul 31, 2016
Lol, that's what I said to my friend when she was home with her brother and her brothers girlfriend. She said they were making a lot of noises. I was laughing so hard and told her that she was going to lose her Virgin ears sooner or later.
Trap_goddesses Trap_goddesses Nov 30, 2016
He loving her doesn't make him a sorry boyfriend it actually shows her that he do care even if it's in that way girls would kill for a guy like , he's paying all his attention on her an on other girls
_jastine_p _jastine_p Oct 21, 2016
there's only one thing that's going on! the dog is Clifford that big red dog duh
AlicaMcBean AlicaMcBean Dec 07, 2016
That his so beautiful full but the things his he in support to turn back in to a human
That's what got me interested in your story 😂😂 I haven't run across a werewolf story with this element in it yet on Wattpad..
midnight1215 midnight1215 Oct 23, 2016
"Stay calm, it can probably smell fear" I immediately thought of tangled lol 😂