I am married to a dangerous woman (BTS V)

I am married to a dangerous woman (BTS V)

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Areum Yeo By _vweekathleen_ Updated Dec 24, 2017

They said that once a person is fully wedded to each other, not matter if it is forcefully or arranged marriage, they will be one true love. But living in my world, love is never on my side. I was to lived in the darkness, fearless of whatever that overcomes me. But one day, in darkness there shone lights. For long I know, behind these walls there's light. But behind my fearless darkness life, there's more than light. Love.

I used to see the world as a colourless sphere world. No matter how much I tried living in the rainbow sparkling lights, all of it seems dull.  And that's when I met him, forcefully wedded to him, had to live with his existence and had to live up as his 'wife'. 

Never could I thought that he brought colours to my life. Never could I see the rainbows after the heavy rain. But as I knew it... What comes has to go. Neither could I know if it was him who has to go or it was me who has to let go. But none of those was the choice I was given. In order to live, one person must sacrifice in order for the other to live. And my only choice was to go.

For an average teenager who got fully wedded to a famous handsome man, I could say that it was way out of what I had in mind. Annoying, rude, playboy. These are the traits that any boy could have. But little do I know, behind those handsome mask, is a prince.

I was living as an not-so-ordinary girl. I don't need a prince to sing me a song for bedtime. I don't need a true love kiss to change my whole life. I don't need a prince who will guide me, learning all those princess stuff I should know. But no boys were ever a prince. They're just normal boys.

My life took a drastic change. Loving one another. Backstabbed by the guy I love. Surviving every fight to save each other. Letting go. And learning to love each other.

And this has been my life. My name is Kim Jin Rae. Welcome to my life.. a life where there is no princes or princess, only life with Love and Betrayal.

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priscillaxhoseok priscillaxhoseok Dec 29, 2017
I was recommend by my friend to this book😉 and it is really good😍
Jin Rae is Yoona’s full name. Yoona is just her nickname. Thanks for reading anyways💛✨
JungYoon_97 JungYoon_97 Sep 09
Damn I'm shook af, this prologue alone could kill me alive :')