What's this relationship called?

What's this relationship called?

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tanya21034 By tanya21034 Updated Dec 29, 2016

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"Is this a deal or marriage?"
I asked him.
He calmly leaned near my ear and whispered slowly,"For you,a marriage.For me,it's a deal."
I ignored the tingling sensation that I felt when he had leaned near and his hot breath had fanned me near to death.
But the question was:
Do I consider this marriage or a deal?

She is a dancer,He is a Billionaire.

Meet Saira Kapoor.Aged 29 years,she belongs to a broad minded yet narrow minded regarding marriage punjabi  family.
Meet Nikhil Malhotra.Aged now 35 years,he is belonging to a family similar to Saira.
Both are leading successful professional life but marriage is not one of their favourite plans.
What do you think happens when they meet?
Sparks flying,with wedding of their own and a past who makes a reentry.
Now,it is on destiny....?
Arrange marriage or love marriage or contract marriage?What name is to be given to this marriage?

Read on to know!
Note:There are many love stories happening in here.

iLavanyah iLavanyah Aug 10, 2016
I guess you have a good storyline. But some of your sentences doesn't make sense. There are many grammatical errors, which makes it very hard to understand. Hope it's edited soon, because I can sense a fabulous story. 😀
mehermaliha mehermaliha Oct 14, 2016
I absolutely love that drama! I have watched it like 5-6 times already! ❤️
MahrufaHassan MahrufaHassan Nov 11, 2016
want to know wht i liked d most.... d description.... about Arnav, Arjun or wattpad CEO..... loughed my heart out.... wah...
brokenbeauty133 brokenbeauty133 Dec 21, 2016
I don't think anyone would mention about their past relationships in a bio for marriage
brokenbeauty133 brokenbeauty133 Dec 21, 2016
I think in wattpad 29 year old female lead is quite old... But it's okay in real world
BenitaAdelineDavid BenitaAdelineDavid Aug 29, 2016
I like your stories. It's like one of those serials on star plus or Zee TV. They don't make such serials anymore and I am devastated!
                              Thanks to you I get it in the written form! 
                              Keep writing more 💪