The Nine Cauldrons[Book 1-3]

The Nine Cauldrons[Book 1-3]

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TLC: Tchu

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On the second floor of a quiet teahouse, a stream of gentle music gently flowed into the listeners' hearts. There weren't many customers on the second floor of the teahouse, only about a dozen or so. Small groups and pairs conversed quietly, deeply engrossed in their own topics. Suddenly, they heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and many couldn't help but take a look.

An innocent, pony-tailed, teenage girl who was wearing jeans and a white polo shirt climbed the stairs, as she walked shoulder to shoulder with a tall, short-haired lady wearing purple casual attire.

Inside the teahouse, everyone's eyes suddenly brightened!

"Look, two hotties! Especially the one wearing that purple casual attire! Tsk tsk, after returning from studying for four years at Suzhou University, I didn't expect our An Yi County would suddenly have such a beauty.  What a sophisticated woman!  Although the girl next to her seems a bit too imma...

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