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Andrew Konomanyi By andrewkonomanyi Updated Apr 11, 2016

Watching his adolescent son write and publish his first book, Andrew Konomanyi has learned that there are certain good habits that a writer must employ to be a success in the business. A writer chooses to put their thoughts and opinions on paper because it is enjoyable to them, but that enjoyment does not always mean they will finish the piece they have started. Staying committed to seeing the work through to completion takes another thought process and good writing habits. 

No one can sit and write for twenty four hours a day. In fact, most quality writers find that short breaks here and there help their creative processes to work more smoothly. A good habit to develop is to stop and stretch every once in a while. Sitting at your desk writing or typing becomes hard on the body. As the body becomes more stressed, your creativity decreases. 

Starting a project can be easy, completing that project is another story altogether. If you are a writer who is stuck or has lost motivation...

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