You Are Mine

You Are Mine

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Slash and Destroy.
An older episode of the tmnt series. Spike becomes a mutant, goes crazy, and attacks the turtles. Sound familiar?


Spike, now Slash, was in love with Raphael. Even when he wasn't a mutant, he loved Raphael. So now, Slash is back, and he isn't interested in killing Raph's brothers this time. Only interested in getting his love. But what he never knew, was that Raphael is in love with his older brother Leonardo. 
(Of course it's a LeoxRaph!) 
So when Slash finds this out, he is determined to kill Raphael's love.
This book will have lots of violence, blood, and will be very emotional. Hope you enjoy it!

I feel so bad so Leo, he always is picked on and bullied by his brothers because of his role as leader, I always get bullied because of my short red hair (I dyed it red because of my OC flame) and because I'm a shapeshifting winged fox furry
First word is spelled incorrectly...this should be good! 😅
SoulessaKrueger SoulessaKrueger Jul 12, 2016
Well Technically You Can It Is Called Stockholm Syndrome It Make The Person That Has Be Captured Fall In Love With The Person Who Brought Them To Where They Are
The first word? Just couldn't be spelt right? Welp that's what makes this book special!
RaphxDia RaphxDia Apr 13, 2016
Wow, that was amazing like your other storys, i really loved pls, continie. Thanks for writing this :3 ^^
Venomthecat Venomthecat Apr 13, 2016
Wow Plz continue but Plz I want Leo to be with Raph it's just a opshon