Say Something (1/2)

Say Something (1/2)

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Eren Jeager is selectively mute and has been living in the hearing world and the Deaf world, despite him being hearing himself.

He spoke with his hands, but they didn't understand. Well, they didn't if they weren't deafies at least. But one man did.

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im_mama_hanji1 im_mama_hanji1 Nov 14, 2016
Its funny how as soo as i read the last lines 'I'll definitely be coming back here' I saw a story that said Remember me?😂
This is me with every guy who's even slightly convenient in some way
Bored_Anime_Trash Bored_Anime_Trash 5 days ago
Omg I thought Eren was dreaming of doing that romantic clay molding scene with Levi😂😮
EyebrowsOfFreedom EyebrowsOfFreedom Nov 28, 2016
*tiny ant on the sidewalk behind eren's shoe* Go! Go! *pushes*