Say Something (1/2)

Say Something (1/2)

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Eren Jeager is selectively mute and has been living in the hearing world and the Deaf world, despite him being hearing himself.

He spoke with his hands, but they didn't understand. Well, they didn't if they weren't deafies at least. But one man did. 

As perfect as it should be, can feelings be forced when Eren just can't love his should-be-soulmate? especially when Levi's ex fiancé comes to town.

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters

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I did the craziest  thing when I clicked on the pic for the chapter I looked over the edge of my bed at my book case and saw my sign language book so for some crazy reason I got up and pulled it off and started reading it totally forgetting my phone it was really weird
thelifeinRO thelifeinRO Jul 26
bad Eren .
                              you shouldn't punch people just because they are stupid and live under a stone
Did you get that from tumblr. But off of marvel? Remember you're deaf and i cant speak english?
Why did this remind me of DEH with that scene that first showed Conner???😖😖😖😂😂😂
thelifeinRO thelifeinRO Jul 26
so ,for him deaf people are mute too?
                              me when I was six tho
What is Italian ice?? Am I missing something because I feel stupid?