Love Me, For Me {Nanami X Tomoe Fan-Fic}

Love Me, For Me {Nanami X Tomoe Fan-Fic}

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Gabriela By GabyTheOtakuu Completed

Tomoe backs Nanami up into a wall thats behind her. A faint gasp escapes her lips as Tomoe puts his hand under her chin and lifts her head up to look at him. 

"Tomoe... What are you-..." Before Nanami could finish her sentence Tomoe gives her a kiss on the lips. 

"Nanami... I love you..." He looks into her eyes. 

"I love you too... Tomoe." Nanami looks away blushing. 

This Fan-Fic takes place after the First season, 2nd Season and OVA's. I haven't read the manga. 

After all their adventures together and after all their fights they still can't bare to leave each other alone. Nanami's love for Tomoe grows more as she gets to know him better. As do Tomoe, he can finally return her feels for he feels the same.

But will it be a bad thing...?

Book status: Completed

  • action
  • drama
  • fantasy
  • kamisama
  • kiss
  • nanami
  • romance
  • tomoe
HorrorLucille HorrorLucille Nov 27, 2017
My pre-k teacher would always say "criss cross applause hands in the bowl"
Otaku_Child1 Otaku_Child1 Oct 05, 2017
*insert Lenny face*
                              *Happy (from Fairy Tail) voice*
                              You loo~oove her!
SpiceyKarma SpiceyKarma Jun 13, 2017
TOMOE ACTUALLY GOT DRUNK FOR ONCE!?!?! I didn't see the ovas
He LIIIIKKKKEEEESSS her *Happy voice*
                              Tomoe: Sh-shut UP!! Return to your own Anime!!!
satan_gurl satan_gurl Jun 10, 2017
When I was in preschool they would say this all the time and I loved applesauce (still do!) so I was waiting for the day where one of my preschool teachers pulled out apple sauce as reward for cross cross
SaraTriplett3 SaraTriplett3 Dec 01, 2016
Lol criss cross apple sauce😆 Already love this fanfiction