11:11 (Ryden)

11:11 (Ryden)

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beebo: 11:11 make a wish!

beebo: what'd you wish for?

ryro: for you

backspace backspace

ryro: for me to pass that god awful chemistry test tomorrow ugh

I know the world's a broken bone, but melt your headaches call it home. :)
I wish that Ryan would come back
                              *Camera zooms in on mah face*
                              whY diD yOu lEaVe Ry? WhYY
.....Tsundere! Ryan?
                              Ryan: B-B-B-B-B-BAKA ITS NOT LIKE I L-LIKE YOU OR ANYTHING BDEN-SENPAI
Tacks4Snax Tacks4Snax Jul 21
I was reading the names of the chapters and realized all of them are 11:11. Except the last one has a little more than that....
When you read 'Semen' somehow
                              I just ran away from geesus
your not supposed to tell someone your wish it wont become true b0i