Hybrid Consequences

Hybrid Consequences

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Klaus is the first hybrid there is. But, there are consequences of being a hybrid that even he wasn't aware of until a chance look at a book from the time of the Roman Empire. Now, he has to deal with a forbidden mate. Does Klaus even want to have a mate? A human one? Is this mate a weakness he can accept or no? At the same time, he also has to figure out how to sort out the negative feelings between him and his mate's family. Klaus has to make it up to his mate fort killing his aunt, something that he make have a hard time making up.

Disclaimer: The rights to the Vampire Diaries, the books or the TV show, don't belong to me. This story is also not mine and may have changed it to have me in it sorry lol  i found it online credits to ---> Nikita2130

Warning BOYxBOY story so if you don't like this stuff... Goodbye

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John is supposed to be a different person but have Jeremy's background.
You should change that, 'cause now we all now it's a sister named Freya