Infinite | Chosen Series book one ❄️

Infinite | Chosen Series book one ❄️

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Andrea ♛ By abitofaParadox Updated Feb 26, 2017

Every fifty years, the competition of a lifetime takes place. The Choosing, granting its winners superhuman abilities, gives an experience like no other. But something is off, throwing the balance of the competition up in the air, along with it's competitors.  
Aria Parker, age sixteen, has been waiting for this her whole life. Being born in just the right time frame, she is able to put her name in. When she becomes one of the 400 Chosen, she quickly realises that there is a dire need to find some answers about what this competition really is. 
Can she stop things from getting way, way out of hand? 

Edited, rewritten version of "Infinite" 
Cover art by @SugarCrystals // Thank you  @KarateChop for helping with the blurb!

Highest rank for rewritten version: #34 in Science Fiction. || Highest rank for original version: #1 in Science Fiction.

Winner of the Good As Gold Awards! 
Two time @Scikick contest winner!
The Fiction Awards 2016 Finalist!
The Crystal Awards 2017 Finalist!

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Izzy003 Izzy003 Jun 17, 2017
Should I read this one and not the old one? I wanna read this all but it looks like you haven't updated for a few months. I don't want to start and then have to wait until you update 😩 the suspense would kill me.
drrrr6 drrrr6 Dec 24, 2017
That trailer was bomb! they should make this into a movie one day
effervesxence effervesxence Dec 07, 2016
omg i tried to click on the video but my computer blocked it! I tried to find it on youtube but couldn't--if there's any way to see it that i don't know about, could you tell me?
Nixs_A-zy Nixs_A-zy Jun 29, 2016
Thats really amazing but it would be more great if Infinite coming out real in cinema.
Nightstalker_08 Nightstalker_08 Feb 14, 2017
Looking good from summary..,. But little more explanation will be good
- - Oct 24, 2016
Summary looks awesome! One small note is that it's is a contraction of it and is, while its is a possessive word. I believe it should be "granting its winners superhuman abilities" =) On to the next part!