Can a Heart that No Longer Beats, Love? (Saphael AU) COMPLETED

Can a Heart that No Longer Beats, Love? (Saphael AU) COMPLETED

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yuri on ice By amber-writer Completed

After Simon Lewis is turned into a vampire by a rogue clan, he finds himself inside the Hotel Dumort. Raphael Santiago takes the fledgling under his wing but a relationship more than just protection blossoms between the two vampires. 

Saphael- Simon Lewis x Raphael Santiago 

If you do not ship or approve of this ship, do not read. Your negativity will only hurt this story and others.

Characters belong to Cassandra Clare

valerieng_ww valerieng_ww Apr 13, 2016
Omgggg a new saphael bookkkkk wattpaad need to have more saphael books like omgggg you're awesomeee
falloutlesbian falloutlesbian Apr 24, 2016
Ace is not having SEXUAL feelings for someone
                              Why would they not be able to be together if he's ace? I'm ace and i was in a relationship..... relationships don't revolve around sex...... @ people who use this excuse
Plus from what ive read you defo get the impression raphael cares about simon