Aaron X reader (Discontinued)

Aaron X reader (Discontinued)

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A/N: The song above has nothing to do with the story, it is just one of my favourite songs at the moment. Enjoy!

Y/F/N = Your Fake Name

Y/R/N = Your Real Name

Y/F/C =  Your Favourite Colour

I emerged from the woods with my (Y/F/C) bandana covering my pale face. I liked wearing it because in case I got in trouble with the lords or guards, I could take it off and try to start anew. A bakery caught my eye. The last time I've eaten anything was last week where I shot a deer from a bow I stole from a merchant. Since then I haven't had the best luck with hunting. I told myself I had to do this or else I would starve to death. That was what I would say to myself anytime I stole from anyone  or killed an animal. I slowly walked towards the shop, making sure nobody saw me before I grabbed a warm loaf of bread and ran off into the forest once again.

"Get her!" A guard yelled after me. 

I looked behind me with the bread clutched to my chest. There were at least four guards dressed in silve...

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maryallisonlandry maryallisonlandry Aug 11, 2016
I love that song so much XD Nice to know there's other people who like country music