Undertale X Child! Reader One-shots!!

Undertale X Child! Reader One-shots!!

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worst sack of fandom trash By TheDragonHybridXD Updated Jul 28

Hello there!~
Welcome one and all to this collection of one-shots where instead of wanting to fuck the characters we get raised or watched by them! 

Chose any character, if ya want to be related or not! You can be human or not as well and chose if ya want to be their child or baby sister or brother or a relative!

But wait! That's not all! (oh god im starting to sound like mettaton XD) You can chose ANY universe ya want! That's right! Undertale, Underfell, Underswap you name it I write it!

Well that's all for now guys see ya in the first chapter!~

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Either fox or wolf hybrid! 
                              A FOLF IS A COMBINATION OF THE TWO
                              (Idk if a folf is a thing or Naw) 
                              BUT IM A FOLF HYBRID
um you said it wrong it was like pap was telling the joke and uncle.... #typo
SceneKid8 SceneKid8 May 20
I am a silver fox( funny thing about that is they are not silver but have black fur along with some white fur)
This happened to me as a kid and uh...I've never cried so hard.
magicagodoka magicagodoka Apr 19, 2016
Reader x Muffet
                              Reader x Mettaton
                              Reader x Undyne and Alphys
                              (I have many more)