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The Other Weasley.

The Other Weasley.

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Abigail Rose Weasley, wasn't always a Weasley, in fact she was a Black. 

Regulus Black's only daughter, since he betrayed the dark Lord the Black family didn't want her and Sirius didn't know about her until it was too late.

-Starke -Starke Apr 08
If only her first name starts with an E and kept her original surname, her initials will be R.A.B, just like Regulus'.
TheresWaldo TheresWaldo Jul 15, 2016
Dirty minds make even the most innocent people look bad. 😄
HiYa_ItsMae HiYa_ItsMae Jan 13
😍😍 she's gorgeous & her eyes probably get her out of trouble
bitter_and_sweet_xx bitter_and_sweet_xx Nov 22, 2016
OH MA GAWD!!! She is sooo much prettier then I'll ever be 😭 My life 😂👌🙌
TheresWaldo TheresWaldo Jul 15, 2016
Bill is the oldest, then Charlie, then Percy, then Fred, George, Ron, ginny