{Natsu x Reader One Shots}

{Natsu x Reader One Shots}

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Just Natsu x Reader One shots that I write 

⚠Note: I do not own any fairy tail characters nor the show⚠

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Thank you for reading my oneshots
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•Published: July 25 2016•


Ok for one do you watch leafy? And for two how about the reader being laxus little sister and natsu loves her but laxus is very protective of her?
Ahh Adrien,I see that you will grow up,move to Paris and become the one and only Cat Noir. Good job,son. Good job.
Wait armin and annie.................*gasp*im the mother of a badass titan and a cute nerd!!!!
NOPE NOPE NOOOOPE!! Not losing my Wattpad virginity like thiiis!!! *runs out*
IT IS A PAIN YOU CAN'T EXPLAIN. That rhymed :P ANYWAY I SHALL NOT POP MORE THINGS OUT OF ME. My pusspuss will just *waves hands*Stretch over my head!
PetraKurusaki PetraKurusaki 6 days ago
Well, its definetly not the sign of pulling out and sleep! 😂