call me princess and play with my hair - egobang [abandoned]

call me princess and play with my hair - egobang [abandoned]

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livi By sassyscarecrows Updated Apr 24, 2017

'You're my princess.'



trigger warning: mentions of rape and domestic violence

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elishalmao elishalmao Dec 31, 2017
im deadass still figuring out if the photo is a cosplay or a real photo of arin
saltyyglitterr saltyyglitterr Dec 27, 2017
I stg Ross is me in mygroup chat with the weird questions and stuff XD
CailEgoDiaz CailEgoDiaz Jul 27, 2017
Oh sh*t Egofaptor was my nickname for Arin, I have it as my bio on Twitter
trinketd trinketd Jul 14, 2016
I bet Arin will be able to speak again after him and danny kiss
pinwheel- pinwheel- Jan 24, 2017
DAN IS MY TOLL BEAN PHIL IS MY SMOL BEAN (I know this is not danyul and philipe but...yeah)
kawaiipotato2335 kawaiipotato2335 May 23, 2016
The thing is, I looked up egofaptor on kik and found Arin, or at least someone pretending to be Arin. I don't know if I should message them