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The True Children Of Prophecy

The True Children Of Prophecy

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Red-The-Savior By Red-The-Savior Updated Jan 10

On the night of the kyuubi attack the sandaime hokage risked his life to seal the yin and yang halves of the kyuubi into two out of the three of the yondaime Hokages children, Natsumi and Natsuko. As Naruto grew up he was neglected in favor of his twin sisters. On the other side another boy by the name of Sasuke was also ignored for his prodigy of a twin Sachiko.

EMS/Rinnegan Sasuke, Mokuton/Senjutsu/Rinnegan!Naruto, both godlike in the future. Both will be based after madara and hashirama.

KamalSheets KamalSheets Aug 17, 2016
The flowers are blooming, on days like this, kids like you, SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL.
idiez99 idiez99 Aug 18, 2016
Nice way of making friends but, thatll never work for me… im too awkward…
gibson1014 gibson1014 Aug 04, 2016
Only a true friend would punch you in the face and tell you to stop being a little bitch
BHog2013 BHog2013 Apr 12, 2016
Please update and question are natsumi and natsuko hoping to be cocky and arrogant and mean to Naruto
TjLawson21 TjLawson21 Jun 11, 2016
This is how me n my nigga became friends well with out the blades n powers
idiez99 idiez99 Aug 18, 2016
Haha Sasu is shorter… but he'll probably will be taller than me so… :^(