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StepBrother ♡  [COMPLETED]

StepBrother ♡ [COMPLETED]

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☹ N A N C Y ☼ By VibesByNancy Completed

You'd think living under the same roof as Jacob Sartorius would be amazing. I sure didn't, only to find out I had been proven wrong by the man himself. This is how it all just happened.


13 year old Andrea Jones finds herself in a terrible situation many have gone through and hope they don't go through it. Divorcing parents. Including one leaving her in a not so well home. Now that Andrea is living with her father, who hardly knows what to do with his own daughter, finds herself wearing opposite gender clothing, toasted made waffles, and a new step mother. Little did she know her step mom was the mother of the Jacob Sartorius. 


Jacob Sartorius: internet sensation moves to not only Andrea's state, but school as well. Though Jacob was a sweet, caring 14 year old, he was a bit of a tease when it came to girls. Especially Andrea.


So what happens when Andrea moves in with Jacob and her now engaged parents? Many truth or dares, make out sessions, and a secret admirer is what. And more. Watch as both Jacob and Andrea slowly but surely fall for each other (typical) and set a goal into finding a way to separate their parents with a help from friends. 


First book, let me know your opinions. :)

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lizzieann1 lizzieann1 Apr 29
And vine, instagram, twitter, Snapchat, being in magcon, and having bad songs. You can't forget about sweatshirt.  I love him but I mean he's famous for looking cute witch isn't going to last forever.
I know how you feel my mom left when I was 6 and it's been almost 7 years since, and she has so many arrest warrants, I don't know why she left except she was cheating but my dad isn't harsh. Now he is. I guess she fell out of love.
Next thing u know she will have a whole walk in closet full of
So you did a character on me basically except my major crush is Brandon Rowland
I hate wearing dresses they annoy me and they r too girly ugh
AIaiina AIaiina Dec 01, 2016
Omg I'm dying 😂😂 I laughed for five straight minutes when I saw this😂😂