To Love A Demon (Gaster!Sans X Reader)

To Love A Demon (Gaster!Sans X Reader)

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Vicious-Pretzel By vicious-pretzel Updated Nov 09, 2016

*Do you fear me?
*Are you sure?
*You will learn to fear me

Heh. Well here we are! I hope you enjoy this sin. I'm going to take my time and let you learn to love the characters slowly. So if you're the ones who like lemon in the first chapter, this is not for you.

*Don't worry sweetheart. It will be worth it.

(I don't take credit for any of the art)

Boi. I'm not sweet, as you can tell from the level of sass I have just handed to you. Also, you could see I've been through a lot.
XxX_Doctor_Who_XxX XxX_Doctor_Who_XxX Dec 12, 2016
Author Chan your writing skills are amazing.
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NinjaSheep76 NinjaSheep76 Sep 17, 2016
For some reason I feel like we talk different than normal. Maybe it's bc it's like 'he who', but whatever it is, I really like it. It's a good touch.
I'm so glad that this book uses logic
                              . Most books would be like "OMG ITS THE DEMON. HES SO CUTE. LOVE ME." And then they don't leave.
Also, love your writing. You don't write like some two year old with really shot chapters.
AwkwardInsanity101 AwkwardInsanity101 Oct 04, 2016
Omg I have to say that you writing is absolutely beautiful, amazingly descriptive, it really put an image in my head! 👍🏼😃