To Love A Demon (Gaster!Sans X Reader)

To Love A Demon (Gaster!Sans X Reader)

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Vicious-Pretzel By vicious-pretzel Updated Nov 05

*Do you fear me?
*Are you sure?
*You will learn to fear me

Heh. Well here we are! I hope you enjoy this sin. I'm going to take my time and let you learn to love the characters slowly. So if you're the ones who like lemon in the first chapter, this is not for you.

*Don't worry sweetheart. It will be worth it.

(I don't take credit for any of the art)

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This is actually how everyone sees me... As a freak. So i am literally hated by so many people in this horrible horrible world. Thats why i never come out of my room...
One,never call me sweetheart
                              Two,i have a weapon with your name on it
                              Three,don't you freaking dare molest me!
                              (Oh gawd-)
Well ya see,when a mommy and a daddy love eachother very much..
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.      I like it when things are tender,  but also a little bit rough.
Savy104 Savy104 Sep 09
This just reminded me of "And Wilford Warfstache don't take sh** from nobody!"
AriesChong9 AriesChong9 Apr 20
So....poetic and well definitely deserve a follow