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I'm Glad You Came (Underfell!Sans x Beaten!Reader)

I'm Glad You Came (Underfell!Sans x Beaten!Reader)

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Scarlet Riding Hood By Scarlet_RH Updated Jul 16, 2016

Your life wasn't that great. Your parents hated you, and made you do anything that they thought of. Your little sister, however, was basically the little princess of the land. You envied her because of how she was treated, unlike you. You were planning on running away multiple times, but your parents had caught you all those times, and made you sleep outside no matter if it was cold or raining, or even snowing. They made you do the worst tasks ever.

_-SINNER-_ _-SINNER-_ Nov 30, 2016
DigitalRift_ DigitalRift_ Aug 01, 2016
You COD it BASS.
                              Ok ill stop now.
Rainflute041804 Rainflute041804 a day ago
Just like my undyneing love for u and all know that will never happen
shiro1sora shiro1sora Dec 21, 2016
Is it wrong that I always make up an OC and pretend it's not an "X Reader"? I don't know why I have a thing against "X Reader" stories....
Robinthepegasus Robinthepegasus Aug 01, 2016
Mom... Can the fishy thing be about Guns so I can kill myself?
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