The Voynich Legacy

The Voynich Legacy

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mysecretid By mysecretid Updated Jul 24, 2016

Katherine inherits an ivory lighthouse and an antique necklace upon her grandmothers death.  By chance, the lighthouse is recognised by the wrong people, as the Lighthouse of Paracelsus; a 600 year old myth that could unlock the secrets of the Voynich Manuscript.

Narrowly escaping a group of individuals intent on getting the lighthouse at any cost, Katherine is rescued by Sebastian LeFoucon a French DGSE Agent. Believing they will be more secure on home ground Sebastian returns to Paris with Katherine, putting her under the protection of the DGSE.

However, as they discover, no where is safe.

Sebastian and Katherine find themselves engaged in a complex web of intrigue, politics, greed and legends.  In order to survive they will need to decode the mystery surrounding the lighthouse as well as keep one step ahead of the people after them who will not stop at any cost.

indyjohn indyjohn May 04, 2016
I readily confess that I suck at writing these pithy little blurbs at the end of a chapter that everyone else seems to crank out with such expertise. Yet i must say your writing here is quite nice and the structure and pacing are very well done!
tamoja tamoja Apr 13, 2016
Excellent first chapter. Got a real feel for who the character is, her support system and what she's going through!! So glad I found it!
DylBen DylBen May 18, 2016
hi Greenhill!i hope chapter 3 of the The Witch Doctor will be up soon....and of course my most awaited book 3 of yours Evolution... been waiting since Buried ended in my daily reading hobby.   :)
MissMDL MissMDL May 27, 2016
A bit confusing, but obviously I really like books so this should be good ;)
shalonsims shalonsims Jul 19, 2016
Hey there, I'm looking forward to trying this story! Is this the one you're working on during July camp as well?