Blue Roses. #Wattys2016

Blue Roses. #Wattys2016

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18/09/16. Alhamdulillah

"Please don't." I said taking few steps back and he clenched his jaw.

"Why not?" He was literally confused as he took a step closer. I gulped.

"Cause you are. Na mehram." I whispered and his frown deepened.


She was just another girl who met Him under the strangest circumstances. But once he rest his eyes on her, it was like impossible to look away. 

She intrigued him.
He scared her.

But you know, there are no coincidences, Its all perfect plan of ALLAH Subhan O Tallah.


"Hoping for him is like hoping for natural blue roses." I looked up from my hands and frown at Mrs. Khalid. 

"Uh.. you mean they are rare to find?" I asked confused and she gave me a small smile, which quite dint reached her eyes.

 "Blue roses don't exist." She informed and I blinked at her. Momentarily, Speechless.


ihafsaaa ihafsaaa Aug 23, 2016
I was waiting for it to finish so I could read all at once but you know I couldn't resist 😒😒
bibliophilic16 bibliophilic16 Jun 18, 2016
Omgomgomg It seems way too nice. Im already so much excited to read it 😍🙌🏿
Niqabii_muslimah Niqabii_muslimah Oct 14, 2016
                              Awesome description  👍👍👌👌
                              Allah it's gonna be fun reading 😶
ioye_javeria ioye_javeria Jun 20, 2016
Walikum Asalam!  got to know about your new story just today so sorry for commenting late😊
AyubBrahvi AyubBrahvi Jun 14, 2016
First Look is 👍 Waiting for next update.. And yeah.. Walaik um salam
erumkhan1989 erumkhan1989 Jun 17, 2016
Once again a promising story :) 😃looking forward for Noor's ride. And this time gonna stick to this no matter how eff busy stuff i have ;) all the best :* Noor is a beautiful name loved it :)