Fuckboy ☆ Frerard

Fuckboy ☆ Frerard

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Fish By DoctorGay Completed

Frank Iero is the awkward virgin that no one pays much attention to.

Gerard Way is the most popular person in the school, also being a renowned slut.

When they meet, their lives are changed forever.

[Please be prepared that although this story has a few smut warnings, it actually turns out to be very dark and there are many triggers. Please, please read with caution]

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He literally said he had a crush on you I think that kind of implies that he isn't straight
I have a neurogenic stutter. Pretty much means I stutter uncontrollably because of a problem in the speech part of my brain. I hate it so much
imissRyRo imissRyRo Apr 06
I love most of my classes (besides my ap english because my teacher scares me and math because math sucks) but all of my teachers hate me lol
Fr0nk_Oreo Fr0nk_Oreo Mar 23
Lolol I think stutters are cute too but I feel like it’s rude because it’s an actual problem
Can I have someone like Gerard in my life? Everyone just makes fun of me for it, but I can't help it IT'S A NEUROLOGICAL CONDITION
imissRyRo imissRyRo Apr 06
VICCCCCC. Also I s2g if there is kellic I will scratch. We only ship fuenciado in this household.