Forever Broken // Carl Grimes

Forever Broken // Carl Grimes

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"We're playing a dangerous game."

| Book Three of the 'Forever' series |

- Forever Alone // Carl Grimes
- Forever Unfinished // Carl Grimes

She was slipping, falling, plummeting into the darkness with nobody to catch her. Nobody to hold that net. She didn't have a light to her shadows. She was shattering into a million pieces that couldn't be put back together. She was alone. She was broken.

She would be forever broken. 

In a world ruled by the dead, people are forced to finally start living.

A newfound safety seemed the perfect finish to their story, a happiness that they would not allow to be ripped from their grasp. No. They would fight for eachother, for what they had. Nobody could break them before and nobody ever would.

But they are not alone.

Others will always want what they have, to take, to steal; For greed, for selfishness, for survival. The world lives by the words 'them or us'. They would have to defend their home with their lives, fight alongside eachother and they would prevail. Surely noone could take them down now.

No matter what, someone will always be stronger.
No matter what, they can easily become outnumbered.

• She felt like it was finally the time she embraced her inner demon •

~ Contains violence~

All the characters are of the Walking Dead cast and a few of my own. All their rights and settings used go to the Walking Dead team. I do not follow the storyline but some settings and character plots may be used.

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Greenview is staring to look like the prison lol wat did I just said.
xbri_xbri xbri_xbri Apr 17, 2016
For some reason I feel like Negan is coming just cause of the description seems like something he would say😂 it's just me😂
Good_girl_21 Good_girl_21 Aug 21, 2016
I honestly don't even have a favorite character. All of them are my favorite.
JordynLovesNiall JordynLovesNiall Nov 24, 2016
smh 11:40 & I could be sneaking out , hooking up w people , doing drugs , yet I'm here reading smh
nightmarevoid nightmarevoid Jan 29, 2017
I know your like not writing on the plot line but at the end I'm the italics of this chapter I read it in Negans voice hecK why do I hurt myself like this
gotaloveme gotaloveme Apr 19, 2016
Im so excited for the third book i finished the first two in a week 😂 These are honestly the best carl books ive read you are an amazing author