Hidden Love ~A Zanvis FanFic~

Hidden Love ~A Zanvis FanFic~

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Zane ~Age:20

This Fanfic will be taking place when everyone was going on a fake date while Travis and Katelyn have there real date. Travis forgot to get Katelyn a flower so Aphmau gave Travis the flower Aaron gave to her. 

Travis wanted to hug someone to express his joy for Aphmau giving him a flower so he can give it to Katelyn. Travis hugs Zane.

Then Travis gets a warm feeling when he hugs Zane and Travis falls in love with Zane.

YuriOnMice YuriOnMice Feb 14
Zane X Travis OTP <3
                              Best Story I read so far
                              Looking forward to your work! :)
KawaiiOtakuAuthor KawaiiOtakuAuthor Aug 18, 2016
I keep thinking Travis asked like this "you wanna 1V1 meh bruh!" Lol idl anymore
Dangerous_Thorn_101 Dangerous_Thorn_101 Sep 30, 2016
Katelyn is such a cock-block in these Zanvis stories 😂😂😂
Bubbly_Emo Bubbly_Emo Jul 14, 2016
Whenever I find a new otp I'm like: -insert name- and -insert name- sitting in a tree, becoming mah new otp!! (Idk why, don't ask)
- - Jun 14, 2016
Fuk u Kawaii Chan, u little cock block. YOU'RE the one ruining the Zanvis ship >:3
KawaiiOtakuAuthor KawaiiOtakuAuthor Aug 18, 2016
I think Kawaii~Chan would yell something like "AAAHHHH!!! Zane~Kun and Travis~Kun are kissing!!! Kawaii~Chan has a new ship now!!! YAY!!!"