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Miraculous Dance

Miraculous Dance

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justisabellahere By justisabellahere Updated Sep 28, 2016

It's time for school again at the François DuPont Academy for the Arts and Marinette was ready for another boring year of school, that is until the first day of school.

It's Adriens first year not being homeschooled, and he wanted to start out right. Only, he just took the blame for something he didn't do.

Marinette discovers a new type of dance, one that is forbidden at school, but instantly falls in love with it. To be able to dance it, she sneaks out of school as Ladybug, who meets Chat Noir, another breakdancer.

What will the new year really offer for them?

Derp_Queen101 Derp_Queen101 Jul 08, 2016
Im so confuzzled. I thought it was Mari that wanted to breakdance?
I started laughing cause she wants to do a report on her best friend
AlpacaTheGreat AlpacaTheGreat Jul 06, 2016
You know you watch too much Dan and Phil when you read "plan" as "phan"
AngelsOfThePast AngelsOfThePast Nov 12, 2016
Was it just me or did someine first think of Miraculous Ladybug when they first saw the cover?
I feel so bad for Sabrina she's so nice when she's doing her own thing until chloe comes along and turns her evil, honestly I don't know why Sabrina hasn't punched Chloe's face in yet
Victurri_Fangurl Victurri_Fangurl Aug 08, 2016