Dunkirk {h.s.}

Dunkirk {h.s.}

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• rachel • By heymyirishangel Updated Apr 10

Being a British soldier during World War II, Harry has seen it all. 

The life in the eyes of his comrades as they play poker around the card table. The mangled body of his classmate lying still on the frozen, blood-stained grass. The instinctive need for survival and something else, something darker, that overtakes a man when aiming a rifle at the enemy. 

He has experienced horrors that one could only imagine. He has committed acts of cruelty that will live with him until the day he dies. 

Will it ever become too much to handle?

Lost, broken, and confused; he makes a decision that will alter his life forever and sends him suddenly on the run. 

But what will happen when, in the face of death, he stumbles across a girl who needs him just as much as he needs her, and these two unsuspecting lives intertwine?

In a time filled with ruthlessness, terror, and darkness, is hope too much to ask for?

Maybe so. 

Maybe it would be best to remember that war all too easily destroys everything pure and lovely that comes in the midst of its path.

Cover made by @JonasKryptonite

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angisty1994 angisty1994 Jul 30
I just gotta say, this cast is amazing. I'm really looking forward to read the first chapter.
beepsrichie beepsrichie Aug 08
that level of disrespect is not acceptable.. don't you ever EVER talk about my mother in law like that again or I will cut your balls off
-Don't worry 
                              You will never see'em again 
                              = the writer n fans beat me with 👠👠
                              Me with broken teeth : don't woyy 
                              You wiii meea em adain haowd 
pradadevil pradadevil May 20
I hate history
                              Jk I love it so I know I'm going to like this a lot
damn I love history + I talked about Dunkirk at my English exam so I already know I'm gonna love this
pradadevil pradadevil May 20
I'm excited. The slow build up and having the author take care of other things first before getting to romance/plot is usually more satisfying anyways