Light In Darkness •NaruHina•

Light In Darkness •NaruHina•

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❤ Jungy ❤ By Naruto_Potatoe_0328 Updated 7 days ago

Help me from this hell called life.

Save me from the darkness that chases me. 

"Hinata... Stay here." 

Be the light... That saves me from this darkness.

I already love this story! (^v^) Can I have consent
I'm a socially awkward mess and will probably regret this if I get turned down... But Hey! May I have the honours of putting this glorious hashtag on my also socially awkward and cringe worthy account? XD
Can I have consent? 
                              If I don't have consent I'll probably drink bleach JK JK 😂😂😂😂
Im back and I now after re reading your amazing stories appreciate you more you have the best stories in the whole wattpad ive read a lot in my other profile @Kitsune_Hyuga and nothing is as amzing as your work @Naruto_Potatoe_0328
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Hi this is your first book that I am reading!!!!! May I put the hashtag?!?
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I thought you meant "add the following number on ur account" and I was like wHAT