Light In Darkness •NaruHina•

Light In Darkness •NaruHina•

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940218 By potatoejung_ Updated Dec 27, 2016

Help me from this hell called life.

Save me from the nightmares that chase me. 

"Hinata... Stay here." 

Be the light... That saves me from this darkness.

Denby_alyssa_hatake Denby_alyssa_hatake Sep 05, 2016
I'm a socially awkward mess and will probably regret this if I get turned down... But Hey! May I have the honours of putting this glorious hashtag on my also socially awkward and cringe worthy account? XD
dari_yasmaine4 dari_yasmaine4 Aug 21, 2016
Can I have consent? 
                              If I don't have consent I'll probably drink bleach JK JK 😂😂😂😂
kitsune_082504 kitsune_082504 Jul 14, 2016
Im back and I now after re reading your amazing stories appreciate you more you have the best stories in the whole wattpad ive read a lot in my other profile @Kitsune_Hyuga and nothing is as amzing as your work @Naruto_Potatoe_0328
ZeldaWisdom ZeldaWisdom Aug 20, 2016
Hi this is your first book that I am reading!!!!! May I put the hashtag?!?
Keokelani Keokelani Dec 22, 2016
We bring weirdness into the world! I've been doing that since I was born! Sign me up for this weird of justice!
xxshirousagi xxshirousagi May 16, 2016
😂 Naruhina family! My best friend and I made a bet that whoever gets into the better university gets to tell the other one to accept their ship. She ships Narusaku and I ship Naruhina(obviously), turns out I got into the better uni so she has to accept that Naruhina is better.😂