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~The *OFFICIAL* Stavid Byler Fanfic~

~The *OFFICIAL* Stavid Byler Fanfic~

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•Sեҽѵíҽ's Rɑց Ժօӏӏ• By xPsychedelic_Vaderx Updated Nov 11, 2016

"Dear god- it looks like a sheep died in here.." Steven commented distastefully, holding up an outfit of fluffy white, retrieving it from David's luggage.

     David narrowed his eyes and snatched his precious stage costume, cradling it just like a child. "Oh hush! As if you can possibly do any better!"

     Giving a teasing smirk, cocking a thick brow, the slender brunette merely gave a velvety laugh. "Please, sweetheart- I could be blind, and /still/ have a better fashion sense then you. Now, c'mere- I want you to put these on." He instructed, holding up a pair of sparkling blue- spandex- pants.

     David cringed violently and covered his mouth dramatically as if he were to projectile vomit. "Absolutely not- you call that fashionable? Then again, what should I expect, coming from a man who's hair is nothing more than a rats nest." He commented slyly.

     Steven gasped and took a step back, his stance that of a feline who arched it's back- standing on its hind legs with a hostile sneer on its lips, a snarling hiss ready to emerge form its mouth. 

     Pausing- choosing his words carefully, Steven eventually let a mischievous smirk dance upon his plump lips. "Oh, I get it-...that's pretty funny, actually...You know, if you're /afraid/ you won't fit in the pants...I have extra pairs of socks you can stuff them with." He spoke in a taunting tone, clearly insulting the British lad's genital size.


     In which a dare is settled upon the shoulders of Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) and David Bowie (Himself) to switch places for a day.

     However, after the joking little incident- more than just sly remarks and scoffs are shared...


RiverStone1268 RiverStone1268 Jul 27, 2016
This is amazing! I've wanted to read a Stavid Byler fic for a while now!
CRooster CRooster Oct 28, 2016
PrincesShadeFace PrincesShadeFace Nov 06, 2016
My official new nickname for Bowie, Er I mean *clears throat* Mr. Humble-Brixton-Boy
GreenleafLuver GreenleafLuver Jul 28, 2016
sounds like if I were to be a groupie in the 70s tbh😝 don't blame her Steven if anyone got the chance to do that they would!😂
GreenleafLuver GreenleafLuver Jul 28, 2016
yep definitely you totally didn't just describe one of the sexiest men alive David
radiomeddows radiomeddows Jul 27, 2016
Awe, this is amazing! *sighs* you're a great writer, if I wrote it, I would've screwed it all up XD fabulous job, love