Rebel Born

Rebel Born

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Seventeen-year-old Amelia Walker, a tech mastermind and a recent runaway, has come into contact with one of her city's Syndicates - groups of trained teenagers designed by the government to keep the new world justified and in order. Invited by their generosity, she joins their ranks and learns the ins and outs of being a protector and also a little more about fitting into a family. 

But once Amelia secures her own place in the group, she learns that the very government that accepted her so easily might not be so loving towards everyone else. Not only that, syndicates from all sectors have been in battle for top rankings and Amelia poses a threat to them all. What do they need the power for? It's the key to the secrets of the government and their plans. With that knowledge brings power. 

Getting lost in a whirlwind of conspiracies and secrets, can she strengthen herself and her team enough to find out what the government is hiding and what syndicates are really for? Or will she get just get herself into even more trouble in the eye of the storm?

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This amazing and perfect blurb is written by @Call_Me_Sly

Hold it. Before I go any further, I want to say that this is a very cool introduction. Usually I hate things that open with dialogue, but this is good because it is mysterious. Okay. Onto the story.
Great start! Can't wait to read the next chapter. And so it begins...
Call_Me_Sly Call_Me_Sly Apr 19
MY STOMACH IS FLOPPING AROUND IM SO EXCITED AAAAAAAA!!! :D Thank you for the dedication!! It was my pleasure to be in your little fictional world and help build it up. ;D
Pandean Pandean Aug 17
This is pretty cool so far! I can already tell I'm going to love it.
-bluenoser -bluenoser Aug 16
Ah. Now I know what Syndicate means - though I just want to see them in action now xD
Celin this was such a great intro! I'm excited to read more :)