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Vampire Knight: The Kiryu's Adopted Pureblood

Vampire Knight: The Kiryu's Adopted Pureblood

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Luna, Raven,Alice, Ana or Alondra! (You choose ._.) By BloodDollRaven Completed

"I see them. . .We see her. . .A beast in human form. . .Incomplete twins. . ."
Zero Kiryu and Ichiru Kiryu are identical twins born to a family of vampire hunters. They are rare among their family. Why? Because they are twins. Twins are very unusual to hunters. While in the womb one twin eats the other, but they were not the case. They were both born. Ichiru being the sickly one of the two, but still trying to live up to be like his older twin, Zero. This is shown by doing a bit of things that sometimes compromise his health. One being a little walk that leads to more than just another day spent together. They walk out in the snowy day, only because of Ichiru's plea. What they didn't know is that they'd find a little girl sitting in the cold snow. Zero is the first to notice that the little girl is a pureblood. He should have felt defensive, but she is just a little girl, and looks more scared of them, than them of her. Ichiru takes an instant liking to her, and convinces his twin to take her home with them. That is where their parents also take a liking to this little girl. Adopting her into their family, and raising her in the ways of a hunter. Soft spoken, yet spunky, this little pureblood has won over the Kiryu family. But a secret of her short past may just be the end of them.
Note: That the only reason I name my character Alondra is because she's my favorite OC and she's a lot like me. I LOVE Zero, so I tend to use her in all my stories that involve Zero :). Oh and all Vampire Knight characters belong to Matsuri Hino Sensei! The plot and Alondra belong to moi! And this story is all about the Kiryu twin's childhood!

Angelleta15 Angelleta15 Jan 28, 2016
There is actually not much information on the Kiryu's but that leaves the spot wide open for fanfiction
animeMainichi animeMainichi Oct 01, 2016
Ya you better be nice you two {says pointing a finger in a coming way}
They wanted to kill Ichiru.
                              I think they were hunters?
                              Ichiru and Zero  relationship was like the hatchet
Luna8325 Luna8325 Nov 02, 2015
The best friend code, can't tell your bff that you like that person two or its a total drama