What's on your mind? (a zodiac story)

What's on your mind? (a zodiac story)

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Sam By Haruka_Hoshi_K3U Updated Oct 21, 2016

Just another zodiac story, English. Ehhh... Favoritism towards Cancer sooo ya..

Cancer's POV

I walk down the halway. I think I love him...

Actually.. I know I LOVE him.

But I thought I liked you?

Then you found her.

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toshikikai2 toshikikai2 Oct 29, 2016
I really love this chapter specially when cancer is the main charachter.
BTS-infiresme BTS-infiresme Nov 24, 2016
Out of all the zodiac pairings, it is a fact that this is the most compatible ship
                              I'm not a Virgo nor a Scorpio btw
zZ_QueenRedix_Zz zZ_QueenRedix_Zz May 07, 2016
Are you kidding me?! Im happy because I'm a Taurus and obviously a girl in the story. But Leo. Hmmm... I don't think so. I don't wanna have a love team. *fake cries*
RealityIsMyFantasy RealityIsMyFantasy Apr 11, 2016
i ship leo and taurus so much in the book i hope they become a couple and i love your book!
xxKStyle101xx xxKStyle101xx Oct 15, 2016
GREAT SHIP. its more like that sarcastic friendship love thing. (Thats the best way that i can explain how this ship works)
kaiiana kaiiana Nov 02, 2016
yay im happy im closest with Cancer bc I love Cancers (im a taurus)