the father

the father

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[ luke hemmings ]
she wasn't his. she was somebody else's little girl. 

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july eleventh, 2016.

That last line is heartbreaking because I felt like that for a while.
I almost had a mini heart attack I thought you were restarting again until I read the other comments and replies
lukescummiies lukescummiies Dec 10, 2016
oh so cashtons kids are probably a thing THEN MUKES OKAYOKAY
lukescummiies lukescummiies Dec 10, 2016
There is the guy name chris that goes to my school he dates a new girl every week,Bet his nose is bigger than his dick
howrumuke howrumuke Jan 22
seriously nova is such a pretty name and i'm so jelly of anyone who has it
TaeCypherPart5 TaeCypherPart5 Dec 27, 2016
Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt.....
                              (sorry major Marvel fan...)