Always Be By You (Travlyn) [✔️]

Always Be By You (Travlyn) [✔️]

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❝Katelyn, you should've just said no.❞
❝But I was going to...❞ Katelyn looks at her feet, ❝and I don't want to say no...❞
❝Why not?❞
❝Because I like you, okay?!❞ she growls. I take one step back, but I hold my gaze on Katelyn.
❝You do...?❞
❝Yes. You are an annoying little dork who likes looking at butts, you flirt with everyone, and your pick-up lines are worse than your charisma,❞ Katelyn crosses her arms, ❝But something about you... I don't know...❞

After the convention, Katelyn is having mixed feelings about Travis. On top of that, she still likes Jefforey and Lucinda still tries to get in the way of her getting with Travis. But when Katelyn finds out that Travis might be her meant-to-be, she can't let anything get in her way- even her own doubt. The discovery of Katelyn and Travis's love has some meows, flowers, and spooks that lead them closer and closer.