I Was Their First Snow(EXO X Reader)

I Was Their First Snow(EXO X Reader)

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Hmmmm.....This is a story about a reader who was loved by all twelve men, to them you were their first snow, first hope in happiness, first person who would come in their mind when they woke up and first person who would be there in their mind before they sleep. 

The boys fell deeply in love with her, find out what the conclusion of her typical love  story

P.s: please ignore my wrong grammar and mistakes

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jihoonniie jihoonniie May 16
 #PaleTeam lol last time I saw my friend, he told me: Are you a ghost? Do you know what sun is? Are you...dead?
Uhh... To be frank, I have dark tan skin. 
                              *sigh* Someone please give me a new body with a porcelain complexion.
I'm actually really REALLY pale. People always question whether or not I close all of my blinds and just stay inside all of the time and I live in a goddamned sunny and hot place.
"I love you too"I said
                              "You said what bish!?!"Kai/Chanyeol said
ImJinHee ImJinHee Aug 10
I usually stare at Bacon when I'm hungry...BUT I THINK MY BACON IS THRISTY
I'm pretty dang pale. When I meet people they are always like
                               "have you heard of the thing called the sun?" I hate people so much