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Phan Smut Oneshots/stories

Phan Smut Oneshots/stories

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origin of symmetry By tictacsphil Updated 6 days ago

A variety of Phan smut and fluff (and some angst) to help you through the day! :D

Crazy-Ace Crazy-Ace Feb 11
I just read this as if they were reading it I can't stop screaming internally
Arora_marix Arora_marix Feb 09
We don't talk about the V-day video.
                              I sound like a dish, don't I?
TwixStiks TwixStiks Feb 22
Do you know how hard it is to try not to fangirl at 1:00 am ? do you ????
RileyFlo RileyFlo Jan 13
ugh idk why but the hair stuff always gets me, kinda like in pastel Dan and punk Phil like lip ring biting, but omg it's so hot
Chipmunk_13 Chipmunk_13 4 days ago
Wow my best friend and I cuddle all the time is that strange?
Ummm idk if I should take this seriously but that was awesome