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Jealous (Meliodas x reader)

Jealous (Meliodas x reader)

9.3K Reads 265 Votes 6 Part Story
SugarDaddy By ImmatureInvasion Updated Jun 06, 2016

When y/n finds a love interest in Meliodas, Meliodas find another woman, no it isn't Elizabeth...
y/n isn't very happy when she finds the eating each others faces off.
Elizabeth and the rest of the Sins are there for her.
Little does Meliodas know that the girl he loves, is secretly a bitch to the rest of the group

_RandomAnimeTrash_ _RandomAnimeTrash_ Oct 16, 2016
Elizabeth, I have a song for you. 
                              *Strums the ukulele really fast*
Jaaku-Chan Jaaku-Chan Aug 26, 2016
Like if you cry every time … WAIT A MINUTE I HAVE BIGGER TITS THEN HER
CHILDHOOD BEST FRIEND MORE LIKE WIFE SKDNDJFB (love the story by the way please update sooooon :) )
PsychoticProxy PsychoticProxy Dec 27, 2016
*swats hand* I don't take fond to insects like you, Elizabitch.
Creative_Kate03 Creative_Kate03 Oct 26, 2016
When it said curling iron I immediately thought of a clothing iron! XD
lanadelreyismybff lanadelreyismybff Oct 23, 2016
* looks at cleavage * awwww * gets up and rethinks life as walking to room